List of Contractors recommended by
Cameron Station Residents


Handyman/Painters/Bathroom Remodel and Other Jobs:

Julio Vasquez (Panorama Services): 703-347-4457

Randy Harding (Everest Home Improvements): 703-405-4654 cell or 703-653-0898 office

Darwin Painting: 703-901-0117

Bernuy Painting: 703-629-0775

Santos E. Joya: 240-997-5717

Khoy Nguyen (K&T Painting): 571-723-5899

Alfredo Ortega: 703-906-9749

Brent Rocker (Handyman): 703-420-9202



Morgan Plumbing: 703-590-0929

The Irish Plumber, Inc: 703-924-3100


Windows Repair:

Virginia Glass Window: 703-717-8780

Henry Valle (Windows World): 703-928-4885

American Screen and Glass: 703-471-4500


HVAC and Appliances Companies:

HVAC Unlimited: 703-455-6000

Herb Chiposi (HVAC + water heater): 703-254-6380

I.C.E. Home Services: 703-634-5404

Omar Khan (Appliance and AC Services): 703-313-8324; 703-971-8324

Tim (Presidential Appliance Repair): 703-608-0193


Duct Cleaning Companies:

Air Efficiency Services: 703-585-0332

Stan Valadzko (SV Professional Cleaning + Ducts): 571-267-9312

Normen’s Air Duct: 571-332-5321


Pest and Rodent Control

Savage Pest Warfare (insect + rodent): 703-665-0065 Veteran owned and operated


Home Energy Audit:

Home Energy Medics: 703-447-5379



Anna Mejia: 703-400-9895

Remy Vargas: 703-946-0773

Stan Valadzko (SV Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning): 571-267-9312

Absolute Carpet Care: 703-925-0022


Home Organizing, De-cluttering:

Michelle King (Lemon Mint Designs): 954-562-2564


Home Décor and Design:

Magdalena Dornin: 703-967-4314


Window Cleaning:

Old Dominion Cleaning: 703-569-2000


Roofing Companies:

Augustine Roofing: 703-281-7663

Peak Roofing Contractors Inc: 703-753-4585

Davis Roofing: 703-569-3388

Ebenzer Roofing LLC: 703-763-6130

Britt’s Roofing: 703-836-0854,


Garage Doors:

Doors Inc: 703-721-3333

DND Garage: 571-278-9380

Advanced Garage Doors: 703-214-9852

Academy Door & Control Corp: 703-541-0300


Security System:

Craig Cook (ADT Security): 703-501-0692,



Mister Rogers Electric: 571-245-0319

Kevin Collins: 703-909-6873

Michael Lee: 703-955-6159


Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Repairs:

John Daggs: 703-819-9419



Azad Rasulov (DC Metro Floors): 703-349-9199

Marcin Toroj (Magni Flooring): 703-626-0818,

David Jorgenson (Kruper Flooring Solutions): 571-332-1800


Granite Installation:

Hugo Chicas: 703-910-1574


Custom Cabinetry and Kitchen Cabinets:

Carlos Garcia (General Contractor): 571-315-7393

Cabinets by Brave: 703-367-0477,


Tree Care, Landscaping:

Guillermo Lemus: 571-354-5925

Adam Hayes: 703-947-7097

Davey Tree Expert: 866-938-4203

Blade Runners: 703-273-5410

Ports Professional Tree Surgery: 703-323-7061



Kfir Keren Locksmith: 703-231-6382

Area Safe & Lock Service: 703-684-6161


Deck Repair/Installation:

Jim Clark (Outback Deckworks): 703-945-6644


Moving Companies:

James Gilmartin (Olympia Movers): 703-229-1184-office

Henry Feaunati (Straightline Movers): 202-322-9009

Chris Barry (Barry’s Best Movers): 703 622-3061

Chris Matthews (Masterful Delivery): 703-625-3717
(rearranging/moving furniture interior)


*** Please let me know if you find any of these vendors are no longer in business or if you have a bad experience so I may update the list accordingly. Thank you! ***